We are looking for pattern testers with different skill sets, from beginners to experienced, who love to stitch, trying new techniques, and are awesome people! While we are skilled at pattern creation and are learning more each day, we are humans, not unicorns, and we make mistakes. Just as it is easy to overlook a typo in a paper you have written, it is easy to leave out small details in a pattern. That's where you come in! As a pattern tester you get to help us develop patterns with fewer mistakes and better writing.


First Access to New Patterns
As a pattern tester you will have the first access to new patterns from Cerulean Orchid and be in the loop of what is coming next! You will also receive a copy of the final version of each pattern you test.

Learn New Skills
Perhaps there is a stitch you've always wanted to learn or a new technique? Testing patterns is a great way to do this! You will have access to some support from the Cerulean Orchid designers while learning alongside other pattern testers.

We want to thank our pattern testers by giving them something special in return for their time, feedback, and sheer awesomeness. Our solution? Yarn! For each pattern test completed Cerulean Orchid will send you (1) skein of yarn.


There are a few things we require of our pattern testers:

  1. Computer access to Facebook, Ravelry and Email.

  2. The ability to identify and correct grammatical errors.

  3. The skills to identify and offer suggestions for correction of errors within the crochet or knit pattern including: instructions, stitch counts, gauge, and clarity.

  4. Be amazing communicators!

  5. Pattern Testers must finish testing by the given deadline.

  6. Pattern Testers must be able to supply their own yarn and supplies needed for completing the project. You do not have to use the exact yarn in the pattern, but the yarn does need to be of the same weight and density so that the final item is like the one created using the specs of the yarn noted in the pattern. If you would like suggestions for comparable yarns, please email Cerulean Orchid.

  7. Pattern Testers must submit clear photos of the finished item - don't worry, they don't have to be professional photos, just not blurry, grainy or fuzzy.

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